erms, conditions and privacy policy

Hot Tub Rules of Use

• The hot tub requires daily testing and chemical treatment to be enjoyed safely. Daily maintenance will be performed at 10 am each day.

• You will be provided a demonstration upon arrival how to access the hot tub, remove the cover and operate the jets and lights. Please DO NOT adjust the
temperature of the hot tub under any circumstances

• The cover must always be replaced when not in use to maintain the temperature and always ensure safety.

• You use the hot tub at your own risk.

• We cannot be held responsible for your safety while using the hot tub.

• You are responsible for any damage.


• Guests MUST shower before using the hot tub to ensure the removal of moisturizers, perfumes as affect the clarity of the water and chemical balance

• Please take special attention to rinsing your bathing suits as they contain significant amounts of laundry soap

• No street clothes

• DO NOT use the hot tub if you are using a self tanning product; these products severely damage all hot tubs and will result in full replacement value if

• No food or beverages allowed in the hot tub at any time

• Do not use the hot tub if you have skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open sores, or wounds

• Do not walk/sit on the hot tub cover

• The hot tub should not be used continuously for more than 2 hours at a time (winter use, please restrict to 1 hour maximum)

• Please refrain from immersing your head underwater

• Please close the cover after use

Hot Tub Health Warnings

• No children under the age of 7 may use the hot tub

• Do not leave children unattended in or near the tub even when the lid is closed.

• Do not use the tub if you are unwell, have low or high blood pressure, are pregnant, sensitive to chlorine or have any open wounds

Hot Tub Damages

Please be advised that any of the following will incur a surcharge. All damages will be fully detailed and photographic evidence will be sent. Damages will be added to your final bill.

• Any damages to the lid, vinyl cover, lifting system, controls or filtration will be charged accordingly

• Anyone using self tanning products that uses the hot tub will be charged the FULL replacement value of the tub

• In the case of misuse and/or not following the guidelines set out above which result in the hot tub facility having to be shut down will be charged

• Any maintenance required because of introduction of pollutants (including soap, shampoo, spilled drinks etc.): $250

• Empty and clean and refill hot tub: $250

• Cancellation due to hot tub misuse/damages: Full booking fees of the cancellation